Friday, April 1, 2011

Motivation - It's Got To Come From Within

If there was a pill for motivation, I'd buy a lifetime supply. I often have ideas of what I'd like to do, but without motivation, they remain just that - ideas.

I've often tried to get help from my friends and family to replace my motivation. The idea of having to answer to someone makes me think that I'll be able to get my ass in gear. If they're cheering me on, depending on me, then maybe I'll just do it after all.

Here's an example - I have a real hard time getting out of bed in the mornings. It's so bad that I've missed a lot of work and there have been consequences. In an effort to break this cycle, I've asked roommates or significant others to knock on my door or call me and wake me up.

For the first few days, it works, but as time goes on, I start resenting them. I even start lying. I'll answer the phone and say Yup, I'm getting up, but then hang up the phone and not get up. Then, later in the day when they ask me how work went, I'm stuck with either admitting that I lied or continuing the lie and saying that work was good.

No matter what permutations of this exercise I've tried, it never ends up working in the long haul. The only way for me to really be motivated is if I want it.

Depending on myself for my own motivation sucks, because how can I motivate myself if I have no motivation? It reminds me of a snake eating it's own tail, an effort in futility. But, at least I've learned that I can't rely on other people to motivate me. It's got to come from within.

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