Thursday, April 7, 2011

Every Night, Thank Yourself

Got this wonderful idea from my best friend, who happens to also be battling with depression right now.

Every night, thank yourself for doing something healthy or positive that you did that day.

When my friend first suggested this to me, I immediately started thinking "What in hell would I thank myself for?" From her examples, and a little but more of my own soul searching, I realized that they don't need to be huge things. Just one small thing every day is more than enough.

Looking back on the past few days, here are some things that I thank myself for:
  • Thank you for getting up and going to the psychiatrist. I really needed that appointment to get help with the problems my insurance company is giving me about increasing my Lexapro dosage.
  • Thank you for eating three meals a day. It's nice to not have to be hungry all throughout the work day.
  • Thank you for taking the time to dress up. I got lots of nice compliments and I felt better about myself during the day.
  • Thank you for opening up to my friend today. It got things off my chest, let them know what has been going on with me and meant that I got hugs. Hugs always make me feel good.
As I've mentioned before, I'm really loving routines, so I'm adding this one to my nightly routine!


  1. This is a great idea to evaluate every day. And even better to keep a written record of it! I've heard this concept used towards accepting your body for the way it is.... like instead of hating my legs, be thankful that they get me where I need to go, instead of jiggling my belly fat in disgust, remember that it provided the perfect environment for 3 little babies to grow.

    And I saw you on that day you dressed nice for work! I loved every single part of that outfit!

  2. Amy Jo - So true! I should probably apply that to my own self-image as well!

    I might hate my belly, but that cheesecake really tasted good! (Oh wait, that might not be exactly what we were going for there.) Let me try again.

    I may not like my thighs, but they got me up hundreds of stairs on my trip to Europe. Without them, I wouldn't have seen the sights from the top of Notre Dame or St. Peter's Basilica. I wouldn't have been able to walk all the way around Versailles or seen the Parthenon. Thank you, thighs!!

    That felt good! Thanks!!!!